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Paralysis Tick or not ?

Types of Australian Ticks, Bush Ticks and Paralysis Ticks

There is generally a lot of confusion when it comes to ticks and which ones are dangerous, and when or if you need to rush your pet to the vet. Here are two examples in the photos - The light grey/green one is a Paralysis Tick and your pet should be taken to the vet immediately. The dark coloured one is a Bush Tick, which is generally harmless to your pets.

A Paralysis Tick

You can see the difference in the placement of the legs in these two examples
The Paralysis Tick has it's legs very close to it's head at the front in a 'V' shape.

A Bush Tick

The Bush Tick and other ticks such as the Cattle Tick and Brown Dog Tick have their legs quite spaced out around the body.

Here is a good rhyme to remember it
Spaced out arms - do no harm
Legs near the head - get the vet out of bed!

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