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How to stop Cockroaches

Stopping cockroach infestations from breaking out in your homes can come down to several factors, and over the years I've done homes that look like display homes they are so clean and tidy, and yet they still get cockroach infestations. So regardless of the things you do to prevent cockroach, it does not guarantee that you won't get them, but it does however significantly reduce the likelihood.

If you can reduce or limit their shelter, food sources and water you'll go a long way to keeping your home cockroach free.

Dirty Dishes

Cleaning up after food handling should be done as soon as possible, try to avoid leaving unwashed dishes and utensils out over night and avoid leaving pets' bowls with food in them out over night. By doing a regular clean up, you are eliminating a food source for the cockroaches to thrive on, and their population to grow large in numbers.
Water availability should be reduced where possible, Try to empty out any unused containers and repair any leaky taps or pipes.

Food Storage

Foods should be stored in cockroach proof containers. Cereals, flours, meats and all other food materials should be kept in a fridge or in containers that can be closed tightly.

Garbage bins should be regularly cleaned or if possible store garbage in tightly sealed containers.

Cracks and Cockroaches

All cracks and crevices should be sealed up to eliminate cockroach harbourages. Entry points (e.g around pipes) should be sealed off to lessen the possibility of infestation or harbourages.
Reasonably regular clean-up of build-up waste foods (e.g grease accumulation around stoves and vents, or spilt food materials at back of shelves) should be carried out. Vacuuming of shelves and cupboards will help reduce the build-up of food particles in cracks and crevices.

As you can see, a lot of it comes down to sanitation, and we can't always have our homes spotlessly clean but by implementing some of these practices you will certainly help keep those pesky cockroaches away.

If you're having trouble with any pest related issues, then feel free to contact Pest Off Solutions for information.

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